Research and development

Research and development

Clonit has dedicated since the beginning many resources to develop new molecular diagnostic tools in the field of infectious diseases, genetic disorders and molecular oncology markers. The company is involved in different research projects cooperating with public and private institutions and research centers.

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Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001

PhD Studies

NSCLC patient limph nodes micrometastases research: CEA mRNA molecular analysis by real time RT-PCR and its prognostic evaluation

Molecular Medicine Doctoral School
Dr.ssa Antonella Marzorati Ph.D
Tutor: Prof. Silvano Bosari- University of Milan
Co-Tutor: Dr. Dario Russo - Clonit srl


Automated parallel diagnosis of viral infections transmitted in haematic tract (HBV, HCV, HIV….).

Molecular Medicine Doctoral School
Dr. Dario Russo Ph.D
Tutor: Prof. Massimo Luzzana - University of Milan
Co-Tutor: Dr. Massimiliano Valisi - Clonit srl


Development of a multiplex PCR and detection by ABI PRISM 310 Genetic Analyzer for the diagnosis of mutations responsible for hereditary thrombophilia

Molecular Medicine Doctoral School
Dr.ssa Stefania Madama Ph.D
Tutor: Prof. Massimo Luzzana - University of Milan
Co-Tutor: Dr. Maurizio Gramegna - Clonit srl

Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction detection of lymph node lung cancer micrometastasis using carcinoembryonic antigen marker.

Molecular Medicine Doctoral school
Dr.ssa Francesca Alessi Ph.D
Tutor: Prof. Silvano Bosari - University of Milan
Co-Tutor: Dr. Carlo Roccio - Clonit srl






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