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Research and development

Research and development

Clonit has dedicated since the beginning many resources to develop new molecular diagnostic tools in the field of infectious diseases, genetic disorders and molecular oncology markers. The company is involved in different research projects cooperating with public and private institutions and research centers.

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Our Scientific References

Ilaria Vicenti, Francesca Falasca, Laura Sticchi, Bianca Bruzzone, Ombretta Turriziani, Maurizio Zazzi

Evaluation of a commercial real-time PCR kit for the detection of the Q80K polymorphism in plasma from HCV genotype 1a infected patients

Journal of Clinical Virology 76 (2016) 20–23

Dario Russo, Antonella Marzorati, Alessio Colombo, Dimitra Mougiou, Orfanou Eleni, Georgia Gioula

Evaluation of a new real time PCR method for the determination of HCV NS3/4A Q80K polymorphism

ECCMID 2015 - Cophenagen - Abstract

M. Valisi, A. Colombo, A. Donnangelo, A. Marzorati, D. Stangalini , A. Stangalini, C. Roccio, D. Russo

Multiplex Real Time PCR evaluation of celiac disease predisposition (HLA-DQ2 AND HLA-DQ8) in 102 cases and relative correlation with HLA-DRB1 HAPLOTYPE investigated by reverse Dot-Blot Hybridication

SIBIOC 2012 congress

Galli S, Dalmonte D, Tamburini MV, Comprim M, Denicolò A, Meliconi MG, Furlini G

Determinazione del polimorfismo Q80K mediante RT_PCR e NGS nei pazienti candidati a terapia con Simeprevir

AMCLI - Rimini 2015

Genco F., Prestia M., Marzorati A., Russo D., Meroni V.

Quanty TOXO kit performance in the Toxoplasmosi’s diagnosis

AMCLI 2016 - Rimini - Poster

Mezzofanti L, Piccirilli G, Squarzoni D, Chiereghin A, Turello G, Pavia C, Gabrielli L, Lazzarotto T.

Valutazione delle performance analitiche e dell’utilità clinica del test “Clonit Enterovirus” in casi di sospetta encefalite virale.

AMCLI 2016 - Rimini

Monga D, Malhotra R, Kritikos G, Rehman K, Battersby T.

Sensitive and Reliable Detection of Zika Virus with the Clonit Quanty Zika RT-PCR Test Using VERSANT kPCR Sample Prep

20th ESCV 2017 Congress - Stresa 13-17 September 2017

M.Biava, F.Colavita, A.Marzorati, D.Russo .... A.Di Caro

Evaluation of a rapid and sensitive RT-qPCR assay for the detection of Ebola

Journal of Virological Methods

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