CE MarkRT-37

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(C13910T and G22018A Mutations)

Lactose Intolerance (LCT -13910C/T and LCT -22018G/ A)

Many adults have a genetically caused deficiency of the enzyme lactase (LCT gene) which results in intestinal disorders on consumption of milk or milk products. The two main polymorphisms associated with lactose intolerance are LCT -13910C/T and LCT -22018G/ A, located in the regulatory region of the lactase gene.

According to current knowledge, homozygous carriers of the wild type variants -13910C/C and -22018G/G develop lactose intolerance, while heterozygous carriers of the polymorphisms -13910C/T and -22018G/A only show corresponding symptoms in stress situations or with intestinal infections.