CloNext 24 Automated Nucleic Acid Purification System


The CloNext series is our new fully-automated clinical sample preparation system for  fast,  high-purity, high-yield  nucleic  acids & cell purification from a  wide range of sample types for molecular diagnostic,  biological diagnostic, clinical diagnostic,  and  forensic. Inheriting all benefits from the CloNext family, the features include a compact, user friendly and intuitive interface, pre-loaded protocols with free upgrades,  and a full kits  and samples traceability  system with end-run complete report in compliance with 21 CFR part 11 regulation. The CloNext Systems empower scientists and laboratories to achieve meaningful results with confidence and simplified sample preparation to minimize hands-on time, handling error and purification variability

CloNext technology

The CloNext technology is a state of the art platform that uses magnetic bead to extract nucleic acids from samples. The platform commits a truly walk-away automation in nucleic acid purification from samples to results. The purification process contains steps of lysis, binding, washing and elution.


CloNext Nucleic acid Extraction kits.