CE MarkRT-03

48 Tests

Dengue Serotyping Virus

The Dengue Serotyping system is a qualitative test that allows the RNA amplification in Real-Time PCR of anchored capsid protein region of Dengue Virus (DENV), discriminating the 4 serotypes: DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3 and DENV-4.

The Procedure allows the detection of the RNA target by means a One step retro-amplification reaction. The analysis of the results is obtained using a Real-Time PCR analyzer (thermal cycler integrated with a system for fluorescence detection and a dedicated software).



  • RNA corrisponding to the anchored capsid protein region of Dengue Virus (DENV)
  • Internal Control (IC)

Diagnostic samples:

  • Serum
  • Plasma

Real-Time PCR instruments:

  • 7500 Fast from  Lifetechnologies
  • Rotor-Gene Q MDx from QIAGEN

RNA Extraction:

Manual Extraction with:

  • QIAmp Viral RNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN)

Automatic Extraction with:

  • EZ1 Advanced XL (QIAGEN)
  •  QIAsymphony SP (QIAGEN)