CE MarkRT-31

48 Tests

Available for QiaSymphony SP/AP - Ref. QS-31

quanty HHV-8

The quanty HHV 8 system is an in vitro diagnostic test for identification and quantification of the minor capside protein gene of HHV 8 genome, by Real-Time PCR. 

Human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8) is a geographically limited gamma-herpesvirus that causes Kaposi’s sarcoma, Castleman’s disease and primary effusion lymphomas in transplant recipients. Primary HHV-8 infection, which is usually asymptomatic in immunocompetent individuals, result in lifelong latency. When the equilibrium between virus and host immunity is disturbed, such as after organ transplantation, HHV-8 may activate molecular pathways that drive oncogenesis. Reduction in immunosuppression is the first line treatment of HHV-8 infection. Other alternatives for treatment, especially for HHV-8 diseases not responsive to immuno-minimization strategies, are surgery and chemotherapy


  •  Minor capside protein gene of HHV 8 genome
  • Internal Control (IC)

Standard for quantification:

  • Synthetic DNA corresponding to the target region (100.000 cps/µL - 100 cps/µL)

Diagnostic samples:

  • Blood EDTA
  • Liquor (CSF)

Real-Time PCR instruments:

  • Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast (ThermoFisher SCIENTIFIC)
  • LightCycler® 480 Real-Time PCR System (Roche)
  • Rotor-Gene Q MDx (RG-Q MDx - QIAGEN)
  • CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System (Bio-Rad)
  • Versant kPCR AD (Siemens)

DNA Extraction:

Manual Extraction with:

  • QIAmp DNA mini kit  (QIAGEN)

Automatic Extraction with:

  • EZ1 Advanced XL (QIAGEN)
  • QIAsymphony SP (QIAGEN)